Do Phone Cases really Protect Our Phones from Damage?

Do phone cases really protect our phones from bumb, damage, scratch? As we ease into the Millenniums — Consumers turn to their Smart phones to catch up on recent Trends, Social Media, and to simply get around. We sure love them, however we can get pretty reckless with them at times.

According to a Smart Phone Case Segmentation Study conducted by NPD found that ninety percent of people drop their phone at least once a month, with a small minority saying that they drop their phone as many as six times a month. [Source: NPD Smart Phone Case Segmentation Study]

Other findings of the survey include:

  • 20% of people are willing to walk around with a cracked or broken screen.
  • 25% of people have damaged their phone due to unforeseen contact with water
  • 22% of people would prefer to live without their partner than manage without their phone
  • 38% of people saying the biggest stress factor of a broken phone is paying for the repair.

Reasons Why Consumers dont want to Protect their Case

We have a vested interest in selling Phone Cases, but the results of the survey do provide some context for the debate on whether you should invest in a case. It’s almost inevitable — that a phone will get dropped at some point in its life, but the resulting degree of damage will vary. Even if you do opt to get a case, it is worth bearing in mind that it does not guarantee protection.

Finding the right phone cases based on what you’re looking for is essential to the lifespan of your phone. Some people prefer protection over cosmetics or a Fancy design over a Simple Basic case.

But Here’s Reasons why you should Protect your Case:

 1) Drop Protection 

We can agree that Gravity is stronger than you. Accidentally losing grip on your invested Android and iPhone can cause you some serious scratches or worse a Cracked screen. Protecting your Case with Our  Shockproof Armour Phone Cases Can help ensure your phone is protected during any Drop and Shock.

 2) Smart Phones are Expensive 

iPhone and Samsung phones retail over Hundred of dollars, (so why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment?). Sure, high quality cases may sound absurd to be over $15 however we can agree protecting your $1000 investment over $15 is definitely worth it.

3) Style Design

Spicing up your Smart Phone to your style . Your options are endless since you have the Freedom to decide. You can check our store for different categories.

4) Warranty and Insurance is Costly

Paying additional Fee’s on top of your Phone bill can be very Costly. Often — consumers like us wonder if it is worth it to pay the extra $11 to $30 per month on (According to AT&T) phone insurance. That is $360 a year! (Think about how many Apple and Android Cell Phone Cases you could purchase with that). Instead of racking up your bill, long term it’d be a smarter investment to purchase a Cell Phone Case to avoid any accidents.


We want the Best for our Smart Phone Cases not only because we know the importance of protecting our Phones, but also because we utilize our phones daily. The Debate to Either – Secure your phone with a case or go Naked is ultimately your choice.


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